PicoSoft 6.22

This program will help you simulate circuits including Pico controllers
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PicoSoft was especially created to help hardware developers build circuits diagrams for Pico controllers. The program is also able to simulate these diagrams in order to find possible errors and calculate controller output. It includes a quite large library of Pico controllers and additional expansion circuits which you can afterward connect to your computer through a COM port.

Obviously, the purpose of PicoSoft is quite narrow. The program requires a great deal of electronics-related information and is recommended to advanced users only. A great advantage of PicoSoft is that it includes a large Help manual that contains comprehensive information regarding the program features. Also, the application offers access to a “beginner’s course” that includes various lessons for a better understanding the functionality of PicoSoft.

The graphical user-interface of PicoSoft is well organized. It displays three panels for selecting the contoller type, editing its diagram, and simulating it. An additional panel will help you create a connection between the controller and your computer.

PicoSoft offers access to a lot of settings for both the application itself and also for controller configuration. It is a handy tool for anyone working with Pico controllers.

Margie Smeer
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  • Comes with a library of microcontrollers
  • Free program
  • Well-organized interface
  • Includes a Help manual and useful tutorials


  • It requires advanced electronics knowledge
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